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    Asthma & Tobacco Education: A&TE-011

    Asthma, restrictive respiratory diseases and effects of tobacco use plague many adults and children. Learn how to “Live With Asthma”, manage asthma, minimize symptoms, control external stimulus in your home and environmental issues related to "Tobacco" usage and your family.

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    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Intro to Diabetes Prevention: DE-011

    Learn about diabetes prevention... what is it, how it affects your health, and how to better understand how you can help family members with diabetes. This program offers basic health education and disease management tools for the prevention of diabetes. It is up to you to take care of your body!

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Eating Sensibly: ES-011

    Eating Sensibly is a call to action, addressing daily activities involving food choices, eating behaviors/patterns and exercise. This seminar seeks to create a healthier lifestyle for participants through education and behavior modification. The combination of nutrition education and subsequent behavior modification is a recipe for personal success among all those who participate.

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Beginning Exercise Principles: BEX-011

    Sticking with an exercise plan is harder than the exercise itself! Learn everything you need to know about the principles of exercise, getting started and knowing your numbers. Safety first, flexibility, muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise. Today IS Tomorrow… it is time to start an exercise program ideal for you!

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    To Be a Smart Healthcare Consumer: HCC-011

    Getting more involved in your healthcare can help to avoid medical errors and can lead to better health outcomes. Participants learn what questions to ask when they see their physician or at the next pharmacy pick-up. An informed consumer can make better decisions about personal health and their family's health too. This program offers excellent advice as to how you can be a "smart" healthcare consumer. Start taking charge today!

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Heart Healthy for Life: HHFL-011

    This provocative class teaches individuals “how” to take responsibility for their own heart health rather than leaving cardiovascular disease risk to fate. Participants take a personal Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Assessment then learn how to modify significant “risk factors” that negatively impact heart health.

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Hot Topics in Nutrtion: HTN-011

    Learn about the hottest topics in nutrition, fad diets, fact vs. fiction, how to wiggle your way through all of the "fluff & stuff" and figure out how you can get started with a healthy eating plan that works best for you.
    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Back & Neck Injury Prevention: IP-011

    This prevention workshop offers tools for reducing injuries at home, work and play. It is time to learn how to prevent back and neck injuries from occurring rather than face the frustration of treating them afterward. Preventative education is the key – it involves self-responsibility and a desire to have a healthy body. Participants learn lifting and carrying techniques, work station design, at-home modifications, proper body mechanics, do's and don'ts, stretches and small changes to “take ownership” of your body – it’s the only one you’ve got!

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Stress Management: SM-011

    Are you “over stressed” at home or work? This stress reduction workshop offers tools for managing stress and helping to reduce the constant challenges of stress in your everyday life. This class helps you define your personal stressors, create a plan for managing stress and experience relaxation techniques that really work. Learn hands-on progressive muscle relaxation techniques, yoga moves and stress management skills for the anytime or anywhere. ~ Be prepared for the everyday stress; learn ways to help keep your stress to a minimum.

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Weight Management: WM-011

    It’s time to stand up and take charge of your health, nutrition and lifestyle! This weight management program is specifically designed to introduce basic information about personal nutrition, eating habits, eating out, behavior change, prevention of disease, stress of eating, family health and exercise. Embrace the knowledge... and enjoy learning about your health!

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Taking Responsibility for YOUR Health: TRFYH-011

    Taking responsibility for your health is harder than taking a passive stance towards life. This seminar provides individuals with the dynamic process of behavior change and the tools necessary to make steps towards true well-being. Learn about the dimensions of wellness, receive suggestions for innovative ways to incorporate healthy living techniques into everyday life, and make a plan for better health & wellness today! ~ Get motivated to start taking charge of your time, your health and your life.

    $25.00 Quantity:    

    Know Your Numbers: KYN-011

    You can't manage what you don't measure!

    You can't manage what you don't measure... Participants learn the importance of how "knowing your numbers" helps you to prevent illness, disease and injury. This program helps show you ways to access screenings, collect personal data and understand your results. Prevention starts with YOU!

    $25.00 Quantity:    

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