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    BWI's Workforce Wellness Services

    BWI Comprehensive Wellness Management

    Comprehensive Wellness Management begins with data. You can't pinpoint what needs to be done without knowing where your employees are on the health spectrum. Obtaining "real-time data" provides a snapshot of an employee's health on the day that an assessment is administered, from blood pressures and glucose levels to flexibility and strength.

    But anyone can collect data. It's what you do with it - and how you empower employees to improve their personal health that matters. It is individuals who make true change happen and subsequently cut a company's health care expenses.

    Comprehensive Health Assessments (CHAs)

    Comprehensive health assessments (CHAs) gather a person’s baseline health data through biometric screening, determining blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, the effects of tobacco use and more. BWI testing protocols are overseen by the BWI Medical Director and delivered by BWI Health Professionals. Combined with HRAs, comprehensive health assessments are the best way to measure an employee’s health in addition to providing immediate feedback to the employee in a confidential setting.

    BWI is HIPAA compliant, CLIA registered and is a Limited Services Laboratory with the State of New York Department of Health.

    Professional Fitness Assessments & Fit Fairs

    Fitness assessments determine physical fitness through BMI (body mass index), body composition, girth measurements, blood pressure, flexibility, lung volume, target heart rate and strength. At a fit fair, employees receive their personal fitness profiles, health-related scores and confidential discussions with health professionals on how to make true lifestyle changes and achieve desired results.

    Health Coaching
    Onsite & Telephonic

    National trends show that the most effective method for behavior change is health coaching, and it is becoming one of the most regarded tools among health promotion practitioners everywhere. Health coaches ask the right questions and listen to create trust. They break down barriers to address underlying causes obstructing positive choices, whether it is family habits or being uninformed. Individuals are empowered to identify their own pathways, making for a stronger approach that is more likely to result in sustainable change.

    BWI Strategic Planning for Workforce Health

    Management Consulting

    BWI serves as a consultant in regard to wellness management, helping companies of all sizes. BWI will assist business executives, human resource professionals and wellness committees in developing a program that fits the needs of the company. Contact BWI to receive a quote or proposal that meets your specific needs.

    As a third-party provider, BWI works with employers to develop a strategic health plan and with employees to help them to better manage their numbers in a confidential setting.

    BWI's Health Professionals always receive excellent reviews! Contact BWI to secure your next program at 716-992-2732.
    BWI Workforce Wellness Seminars and Programs

    Staff Development Opportunities

    Numerous quality health and team building programs are offered by BWI to address the needs of a company’s staff, from the physical to the emotional. BWI educators and credentialed health professionals are available to speak on topics from heart health and diabetes prevention to holistic cooking, health care utilization, managing your health and stress management. Certified fitness professionals are also available for lunchtime and before-work or after-work fitness programs, including yoga, Pilates, Latin Fusion exercise, and more. BWI's team of professionals deliver dynamic, well-researched programs that are interesting and informative. BWI's team helps individuals to discover new ways to make behavior changes that last throughout a lifetime.

    Additionally, BWI offers Educational Health Fair "Topic Tables," Wellness Day Event Planning and motivational Keynote Speakers on various health-related subjects.

    Annual Workforce Wellness Contracts

    BWI offers annual contracting to companies interested in improving the health of its employees. Turn to us to implement, develop or manage an outcome-based corporate wellness program at your place of employment. BWI's team of experts help simplify the process of securing the right program for your employees, providing quality level services and carrying out the workforce wellness program as requested and as needed.

    Wellness Team Orientation Training

    BWI provides newly developed or re-energized wellness committees with the foundation for the development and implementation of a top notch wellness program. The 2-hour orientation training provides the basic training necessary to assess needs, define goals, identify road blocks, build a budget, develop a calendar and develop criteria and roles for the group. BWI's professional leadership and facilitation experience helps to provide businesses with the building blocks needed to run a successful wellness program.

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